"This pool costs $100 per person and the 18 week season tentatively runs from NFL opening day of Thursday, September 7, 2017, through the college championship game on Monday, January 8, 2018. Each week, all players will pick the winners of fifteen college and professional football games on this site. The person with the most wins for the week gets that week's pot which will be $200. By winning one weekly pot, you will double your money. There will also be a season pot to be distributed to the top five people with the most wins at the end of the season. 5th place gets $100, 4th place gets $200, 3rd place gets $300, 2nd place gets $400 and 1st place gets $500. These amounts are predicated on 55 participants and if there are less the amounts will be adjusted accordingly. There will, at most, be 60 participants on a first paid first served basis regardless of whether you have played in the past or not.".

The Rules

1. All players will be sent an e-mail each week notifying them that the scores have been updated from the previous week, the games for that week have been selected and are ready to be picked, and a notification of the due date and time. Whether or not you receive the e-mail is your problem. You may check the site at any time and determine whether the games have been picked and scores updated from the previous week. The games selected will be completely by my discretion and I will include Professional and College games. There will be no set distribution of Professional or College games and I will select them as I so choose.

2. You must make your picks on the site by the date and time indicated on the site. Those picks made late will not be considered for that week or the season. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule. You may change your picks as you like until the due date and time. You may view other participant's picks after the due date and time.

3. The time deadline will be administered and enforced by me and the clock on my server which is displayed on the site. If the clock on the site is wrong, it still determines who is late. Do not rely on your own clock, rather the clock on my web site. Even one minute beyond the due time will be considered late and will not be accepted under any circumstances. The time shown on the site is the time you logged on, not the time it may be by the time you make your picks. The clock keeps going even though the one shown on the site shows only the time you logged on.

4. It is completely YOUR responsibility to get your entries in on time. Further, it will also be YOUR responsibility to make your picks on my site. I WILL NOT be faxing or e-mailing them to any players.

5. The ENTIRE ENTRY FEE OF $100 AND YOUR FIRST WEEK’S PICKS ARE DUE BY 12:00 NOON ON THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 2016 or none of your picks will be considered. You do not have to enter every week but your weekly entry fee will be included in the pot that week. The amount of the weekly pot will be the same for all 18 weeks. The entire entry fee may be sent to me at P.O. Box 47370, Wichita, KS 67201 or hand delivered to me personally or paid via PayPal. You must identify your first and last name which you are joined under with your payment. No nicknames or combined names. Join first. If you are late, you are out."

6. This pool, the games from which to choose, the time and date deadlines, the entry fees, the weekly and season winners, and all other rules and regulations of such are left completely to my discretion to administer as I see fit. Take it or leave it. If you have not been invited into this pool by me or a current participant, you are not welcome.